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My boyfriend Shay and his family are reaching out during this time of heartache with the loss of his mom and their grandmother, Lorraine also known as "Nanny" passed away Nov. 20 from dementia. We're at a stand still on giving her the proper burial that she oh so does deserve. To know Nanny is to know your best friend.. she would give & give then not ask for anything back in return. She pretty much raised not only her 2 kids, but her 4 grandchildren as well. She lost her daughter (Lisa Shuttleworth) back in 2003 and is still an active missing person today. Even with that going on in her life, she kept pushing with a smile. Through all the trials and tribulations she stuck through the biggest heartache of her life & that was burying her late husband, Jerry Mabrey Sr. back in 2020. After being strong for everyone else and putting herself last finally caught up with her & was then diagnosed with Dementia right after burying Pappy. She was by far one of the most amazing person ever & there are many more whom would agree with that. Like I said before, we are at a stand still in this time of need. We have hit a brick wall trying to give my Nanny a proper burial.. one in which she does so deserve. I hate to even come out and ask for such.. but if anyone has the slightest donation to help his family out.. it would be sooo deeply appreciated & will not go unnoticed. Thank y'all so much in advance.. & God bless you all! The least bit of donations would be appreciated more than you know!! Send any to:
170 Elko St, Williston, SC 29853

Organized by

Amanda Luarca

North Augusta, SC, USA