About this fundraiser

My husband and I are fundraising in order to cover funeral expenses for our son, Ayron Cannady, who passed away two days ago from an overdose.   Unfortunately, Ayron struggled with substance abuse for many years and even though he used medicinal marijuana to ease pain in his neck and back from an injury, at some point he began to experiment with other drugs and sadly we believe someone sold him something they knew to be deadly.   Our son was born premature and was put on a ventilator for a month to help his lungs continue to develop.  Ayron has struggled with his health all his life and probably felt that turning to drugs was a way to help him to ease the pain and deal with life.  Because he did not have an insurance policy, we are desperately asking for any kind of donation/gift to help pay for the expenses which we have told can easily cost anywhere from $10-$18,000.

Organized by

Janice Owens-Cannady

Orlando, FL, USA