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  • Funeral for my mother

    We had a car wash to raise funds for my mother's funeral and we raised $1700.00 so we are still in need of help we only need $5000.00 more I wish she had life insurance but we lived paycheck to paycheck and could not afford it.

    Funeral for my mother

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My mother died unexpectedly she got a UTI in February she had never been sick in her lifetime I lived with her and I'm sick and disabled.When she got this infection she was sent to a rehab and they just didn't do anything for her and she got worst they neglected her and in my opinion abused her because she had bruises all over her body and bedsores on her back I had to fight to get her out but she took a turn and had to go back to the hospital for help. They thought I did this to her but when I told them she had been in the rehab for 8 weeks they were apologetic to me and when the released her they sent her with Home where me and my daughter took care of her with the help of Hoffman's Hospice but she died 8 weeks after bringing her home . Now I am in desperate need of help to bury her because she ask me not to creamate her and I just can't do that to her this is hurting me so bad because I only receive ssa and SSI monthly and I don't have any savings to bury her I'm praying for help her name was Nora Faye Cotton and she was only 79 years old I don't know what else to do but swallow my pride and ask the public for help. She was a good person. You can Google her obituary my name is Sadie and I am in desperate need of help I have until July 10th to get money to give her a resting please. Thank you.

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Sadie Mallory

Bakersfield, CA, USA