About this fundraiser

Hi Everyone. In case you don't know this strong lady here…This is Kym. She is a mother, daughter, student, friend, and probably has drawn labs on you if you're a local. Recently, she came to her gynecologist because she felt something. That something was a lump in her breast. She proceeded with testing and it was confirmed she had breast cancer. Filled with emotion, she was prepared to fight for herself and, most importantly, her children. She then underwent procedures to start treatment and was told she did not qualify for treatment with her health insurance. This is a woman who works for healthcare and she was denied! She was angered by this because how could this be?! With so much stress between everyday events, providing for her family, and being a student, and now she couldn't fight with healthcare on her side. She was trying not to make a fuss because she needed to remain positive and she had not yet shared the news with her children. Those close to her rallied in confidence to gain the attention she needed to have a fighting chance. Some were vocal. Others prayed and kept her in their thoughts without knowing her identity. Some supported her during those down moments where she would breakdown but she knew she had a village on her side. The strength of her supporters and, of course, God on her side, gave her the answer to her setback. The healthcare worker who could not align herself to start treatment due to the employer's health insurance now had a way. Here she is at the start of her fighting battle, working and giving herself grace as she continues to provide for her family and remain in school. Kym has a positive outlook and displays her great strength in continuing life as normal as possible. However, treatment does not always show its kindness, and a few days into her weekly treatments, it weakens her body. Yet, she puts on a brave face for her children and manages to work as much as her body will allow her. She is exercising the option of intermittent leave but it is not enough to provide for her family and the incurring medical bills. Therefore, her friends are asking to give a hand in helping Kym as she becomes stronger. Assist this beautiful woman, friend, daughter, mother, and healthcare worker in reducing her stress so she can continue to heal. We appreciate your time in reading, your support, thoughts and/or prayers. 

Organized by

Krystle Pagan

Yonkers, NY, USA