Latest update as of Jan 05, 2024

  • A new heart❤️ and a new kidney!

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Jimmy has been blessed with a new heart and a new kidney as of yesterday, January 4th.

    Both surgeries were successful and he is resting well, considering what his body has been through these last 48 hours.

    Please continue praying for Jimmy, as this is the beginning of an incredible healing process and rehabilitation.

    We both want to thank you for your generous support and understanding throughout our journey.

    I will continue to update you as Jimmy begins his new life.


About this fundraiser

Dear Family and Friends:

For those of us who know James H. Parks, III, we all can attest to his love for the stock market, the arts and for running. He is an accomplished portfolio manage, an artist of many talents and a marathoner, who has logged thousands of miles training for races staged around the world. 

Now, Jimmy (that’s what I call him) is being challenged by a different kind of race. A race against time.

On April 4, 2017, he was diagnosed with Chronic Congestive Heart Failure. 

Jimmy was officially placed on a nationwide heart and kidney transplant list, as of July 2023.  He is currently on a continuous intravenous treatment of pharmaceutical infusions, which are extending his life, until he is transplanted, but is very costly. 

Jimmy is being cared for by the transplant team at UC San Diego’s Cardiovascular Medical Center.  As part of our commitment, we have temporarily relocated to San Diego (La Jolla) for pre-transplant appointments and evaluations, post surgical recovery and rehab. The out-of-pocket costs for hospitalizations, anti-rejection medication, and rehabilitation are extraordinarily expensive and extremely stressful.

Your donations will pave a path towards full recovery for Jimmy. Please contribute by hitting the DONATE bar and give whatever you can to the “Have a Heart for Jim Parks ❤️” fundraising campaign. Any amount is sincerely appreciated and counted as a blessing. 

Jimmy’s goal is to run a “Miracle Mile” after recuperating from his transplant procedures. 

Thank you for your love and support.
Maxine [“Wife”/Life Partner]
















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Maxine Leftwich

La Quinta, CA, USA

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James Parks