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  • Update! My diabetes is taking me down

    So it's been a while
    I took a break from posting this link bc my family needed help more.
    I don't put myself 1st and its hard but I'm trying.
    I've been taking the Walmart insulin because I couldn't afford to get mine anymore. It's been a year of doing this and it's just making me sick 😞. My blood sugar this morning is 624. I haven't had the money to get my prescription and by the time I regulate I need more using the Walmart stuff because it's so weak.
    It's about 1,890 to get my insulin. I'm on my dad's insurance, which helps take off a few 100 bucks and I have found help cards but since the insurance isn't the best and we still haven't reached the deductible because nobody can afford to get prescriptions it's still so high. I know my surgery will have to wait and I'm getting used to the pain, it's still bad, but I have to keep going, what I would like to focus on is getting my blood sugar down before I have a stroke or heart attack 😞
    With the stress of losing our house.a lot of our belongings, and having to re home all of my animals, I have been getting really bad chest pains as well and high blood pressure 😩
    we still can't figure out what internally I have wrong and by the swelling is getting so bad, but my anti inflammatory meds are not working.
    I know I need to get my blood sugar under control because my a one see is at a 17 which is super high
    I should be at a 6 or 7.
    I am at a loss and don't know what to do anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.I know I have to be here to help my sick mom and my twin little brothers, they all need me, so I have to fight💜

    Update! My diabetes is taking me down

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My name is Ali, im 23 living in texas and I was born with a nerve disorder called Lumbosacral plexopathy mixed with club foot, type 1 diabetes, autoimmune disease, a mass in my lower pelvic region, a cyst wrapped around my spine, muscle damage, and skin issues.  I also have severe anxiety, ADHD and bipolar depression (all diagnosed) My club foot was a result of the zofran 2000 issue with new moms. Life has always been one doctor appointment to the next. From Routine MRIs to check and make sure nothing has moved or gotten bigger for the risk of being paralyzed to dozens of  blood tests to figure out my new issues. I currently have internal inflammation from my autoimmune disease, uncontrolled blood sugars because I can't afford my insulin, and my biggest issue for why I finally hit my breaking point, horrible pain from periods with irregular bleeding, just recently had a polyp that led me to bleed for a year and 2 months straight, I now have a cyst in one ovary and a fibroid in the other, I still, even on birth control have irregular bleeding and horrible pain. With my medical history on my mom's side mixed with my severe pain the safest thing to do is a half hysterectomy which I couldn't wait to schedule. I just found out about the cost and cried. The pain is terrible and I'm miserable every day. They want to schedule for April 25th of this year with a 6-8 week recovery time. I know with this family living paycheck to paycheck we won't have it. I desperately need help, I just want to not be in pain and get this done. I've been through so many procedures,reconstructive foot surgery and so much more, I am finally asking for help, I can't do this without a support system. I'm hoping by the grace of those good in the world that I'll be able to find help. I know some people may not seem legit these days but pls feel free to look into me, I wish I was making all of this up, life has been my biggest hater it seems 😭💜 it feels bad that This is just medical me, you haven't even gotten to hear about me yet, just why I'm breaking down and struggling. Thank you to those who've stayed and read this long, and prayers to any who understand how hard a medical life can be 🙏

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