About this fundraiser

We urgently need your help to save the life of my nephew LeBron James Galan, 16 years old.  He lives in the Philippines . 

Has just begun medical treatment for a serious illness and we are reaching out for your support.

James was admitted to the hospital since March 25th, 2024 and continues to be patient there. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and chronic kidney disease. His heart is not pumping enough blood. The doctor suggested that he needs a heart transplant as soon as possible. That’s the only option for his heart.He is also on dialysis three times a week.

My family can no longer finance all the needed amount for his treatment.

So with this matter, we are sincerely asking your kind and generous heart to please support and help to extend the life of James. Your help and support are really appreciated to save his life.

Unfortunately, James is facing a challenging battle. During this difficult time, we ask for your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes treatment and navigates the road to recovery. Your support and well-wishes will undoubtedly provide him with the strength and comfort needed to face this journey with courage and resilience.

Your kindness and generous support can make the difference. Thank you very much. 


Organized by

Juliet Meyer

Zanesville, OH, USA