About this fundraiser

Colin, a loving father and hardworking provider for his family, is needing our help! As most of you may know, The Porter family relocated from Georgia to Idaho for a better life and ultimately for his career. They purchased a gorgeous piece of property and shortly after, Colin unfortunately lost the job he was promised and was forced to find a new line of work right away. Sadly, the new job has zero benefits and less wages making it nearly impossible for him to afford health insurance for himself and his family. 

Due to an immense amount of stress and other signs of health concerns, Colin ended up in the ER on Friday May 10th and it was determined that he in fact had, had a heart attack and a couple of other small ones in the last couple of weeks. Colin had stints placed right away and is now recovering at home. We are so very thankful to God that Colin has another chance at life and that he is on the road to recovery. This has been a lot to process for both Colin and Melissa, and also their son Cameron. 

The main burden right now that they need help with, is the cost of the prescriptions that Colin is in need of. He will need two costly medications for the rest of his life. Colin will also be out of work for a bit as well and I know this is putting a strain on the three of them.  Upon meeting with a social worker in the hospital, it has been determined that Colin is not able to qualify for any financial assistance for medical bills or prescriptions. If we could take some of this financial burden off of them and bless them with some donations, they'd be forever grateful. If you cannot donate, please be in prayer for this sweet family.

Thank you!

Organized by

Kristin Hughes

Sandpoint, ID, USA