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Dear Family, Friends, Citizens of Middletown, and Kind Strangers: 

We need your help. I’m Mark Eskra. My wife, Kimberly Hayden, and our son, Henry, have lived in Middletown for four years. We quickly felt at home here and became part of the community. You may know my wife, Kimberly as the person responsible for spear-heading the restoration and beautifying of Historic Maromas Cemetery in Middletown. Both of us, along with a small group of descendants, have volunteered our time, energy, and resources to repair, clean, and restore multiple historic gravestones in the cemetery, along with several other projects of repair and beautification. Kimberly has also researched and written about Middletown history and several local 19th century families in Middletown (Maromas). Her research is housed at several of the libraries and historical societies in the area. 

Kimberly has been having some serious health issues lately and currently there is no official diagnosis.  

  • She has NO medical insurance.
  • She has been denied state health insurance.
  • She is not able to work.
  • I am the sole provider for her and our 12 year-old son.
  • We live pay-check-to-pay-check and I work many hours of overtime each week to pay the mortgage and put food on the table.
  • Adding her to my job’s insurance is way beyond my financial reach each month.

Thus far, Kimberly is being affected in her neurological, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal system. However, her muscular system is also being affected, so there may be a more serious underlying condition. 

Kimberly will need to be under the care of a Neurologist, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, and her Primary Care Physician. Diagnostic testing will be needed. She has had a couple of diagnostic tests so far but no condition has been revealed.

We are very familiar with the state of health care today and the fees involved for those who don’t have the privilege of being able to afford health care or have it. Our bills thus far have reached to over $10,000 dollars and this is just starting for her. Therefore, we are reaching out to our family, friends, and the caring citizens of our beloved Middletown to please help us, and donate whatever funds you are able to spare so that Kimberly can get to a state of wellness, and be able to watch her son grow up. 

We shall strive to keep everyone posted with regular updates.


Thank you! We appreciate whatever funds you would be willing to donate even it is just a few dollars. Every little bit helps. Many blessings to you all!

Mark Eskra

Organized by

Mark Eskra

Middletown, CT, USA


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