About this fundraiser

Hello, my name is Blair and I, like many other people these days, am struggling very much. I'm a single mother of the most amazing 6 year old girl. Unfortunately I lost my job recently due there not being enough work. I try every day to find a new job but I have been unsuccessful at this point even with 12 years of experience. I have been unable to pay rent and all of my other bills for a few months now, thankfully my landlord is nice and is working with me. My other bills are getting to the point that they're about to be por into collections and I just don't know what to do. My daughter deserves so much and I really am trying to do everything I can. Everything has gotten so expensive, it's just very hard to navigate the world these days with no funds. So I was hoping someone would be willing to help me get some bills paid. And get some gas in my car so I can go out and keep trying for a new job. The appreciation I have for you in advance is huge and I have a special place in my heart for people who'll care to help this mom keep a roof over her daughter's head.

Organized by

Blair Mcguire

Dillsburg, PA, USA