About this fundraiser

I am a truck driver over the road. My appendix burst while in Texas in Oct 2022. Rushed to hospital in Fort Stockton. Emergency surgery was performed. My wife had to drive from Florida to Texas to pick me up. When I recovered to return to work the small trucking company RSNustar out of Wisconsin fired me. Then I had to scramble to find a new job. Incurred extensive Doctors and Hospital bills. As well as running my credit cards to their limits to pay for fuel and hotels etc. As RSNustar trucking is in Wisconsin they had brought the truck I was driving and living out of to their home. They had all my belongings in their garage in boxes and garbage bags. I then had to drive to Wisconsin to get my belongings and then along with my wife and daughter had to drive to Texas to start at a new Trucking Company. My wife and daughter then drove my pickup home to Florida while I went back to work. We are drowning in debt thru no fault of my own. I’d like to pay the hospital bills and doctors bills. As well as pay my daughter for the work she lost taking time out to help us her family. Please anything would be helpfu.

Organized by

Jack Valentino

Lake City, FL, USA