About this fundraiser

Our mother Jayne Mackel suffered a stroke in February of 2023. The stoke caused swelling which required surgeons to remove a portion of her skull to relieve the swelling. Mom went without a portion of her skull until this month when cranioplasty was finally completed. The stroke left mom with limited mobility and the need for extensive home health care as well as intensive physical therapy. Moms insurance does not cover the occupational therapist she is working with now and it  is now at a whopping 200 an hour! (Per session) We are hoping to raise 5,200.00 to get mom one session per week for half a year and then we will go from there.  Moms therapist is confident he can get her mobility back to a place where she can be self sufficient again. 

Mom is the person who would quite literally give the clothes off her back to those in need. She has housed strangers and family and has went without so that her children and others did not have to. Mom is a domestic violence survivor, a warrior, and fighting to get back to the person she misses so dearly. I pray we can all come together to help make a dent in this financial burden! anything helps!!! 

Organized by

Jennifer Cole

Tuckerton, NJ, USA