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    Matthews MRI did show AVN (avascular necrosis) it has not gotten to the more serious areas however it does show areas on pelvis, femur and ankles. Bc he he still has handful of years of bone growth, it is possible for him to heal/regrow the areas possibly. Dr feels like he will grow most back at least somewhat. Even with possible regrowth, he will unfortunately always have some aches and soreness but wouldn't be excruciating like it is now. With that he will not take anymore steriods, which sounds great and is in one way but does increase the chances of relapse. The Dr does believe that he has gotten far enough into the treatment that stopping the steriods is better option than continuing them and causing more bone damage. He will not start regrowth until few months from now and it would take years of vitamin D and physical therapy to regrow as much as possible. He is also feeling nerve pain in his wrist, but will also get better longer he is off steriods. They started him back on Dilaudid and ketamine drip and boluses for his pain now and we are anticipating being here until next week when he gets next intense chemo.

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On November 17th my family's life changed forever. My youngest son (14) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, that next day after lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy it was then changed from Lymphoma (6 1/2 month treatment) to Leukemia (2 1/2 year treatment) it has turned our whole life upside down. The remission statistic are definitely a positive but it will be a very long hard battle. He's such a strong boy and his brother (16) is his best friend. I wish this was the only hard thing we had to deal with but unfortunately it is not. I am not asking for any money or anything like that just maybe recommendations to possible places that could help in certain areas. My son was admitted to cook children's right away, he was there almost 2 weeks, many procedures and started chemo will there as well. My job was very understanding I luckily had 10 pto days to use, I was due to go back to work this week when the doctor I worked for called me and said he knows I've been out the last couple of weeks and thinks its time we part ways. My manager did not even know he was going to do it because it was wrong on so many levels. I have never been reprimand at work, never once called in sick always did more than expected of me, however I made substantially more than the other workers there and was only full time administrative worker. However he only cares about the money aspect of it all. And now he doesnt have to pay my christmas bonus which saves him a few hundred dollars! Smh ...I do need to be home with my son however I did need at least part time, I know there is places I can look online but not as an excuse but right now even taking a shower is hard to make myself do. Then my mother and I have been waiting to move since March, we have had more than half the apt packed up since then as well. After pipes busted in Feb there was damage to the ceiling and window and mold. I have numerous emails with pictures back and forth with management and corporate,  we have had 3 different managers in 7 months, when I gave them my sons diagnoses letter to make them actually clean mold we have been begging them to do since March, her response was "Matthew isn't one the lease" now even for the fact that it was 100% administrative error on their behalf that he was not transferred over from first lease but it was so heartless especially bc its not healthy for anyone to be in mold and my my has had heart attack and has permanent heart issues. I would of course happily leave almost anywhere but bc of stupid things I have done in my past I can't just get apt. We do have good rental history and good credit and income to get a place just eviction. And I have spent hours looking for and calling and emailing trying to find somewhere we can move to. They did come clean the apt finally but it's still small and I was taught how to give my son a hour Iv medication he has to take daily and watching him try to navigate with his iv pole is so much harder. I know I should be happy for the positives and I really am I just would like to get them somewhere more spacious and just nicer. Also if anyone knows a affordable lawyer I just had a few questions. I know I rambled a bit but I'm just out of options from the resources I do have and thought I would just ask anyone for any ideas or recommendations. I also did not proof read again it might seem lazy but doing just this is very hard to do. I don't want anyone to think I'm looking for pity or handouts because thats not at all what this post is about. We just hope maybe someone will be able to help. Thank you in advance.

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