About this fundraiser

I will be using this money to get my car out of EPIC towing yard in Redmond Oregon. And what's left after the storage fee is paid…I will attempt to fix what's damaged.. my car was stolen January 5th between the hours of 3:00 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon I filed a police report that day..my car was found in redmond Oregon at a homeless camp few days later…and towed to a tow yard calked Epic towing in Redmond Oregon….I have comprehensive/collision/rental car/coverage on the car iv payed to this insurance company for years and years…this was my first accident claim i filed in my life time of driving  im 41 years old…I filed the claim to my insurance agency with anticipation of getting help and understanding and them to have my back but yet did I know my worst nightmare was about to happen my insurance rep and I spoke for the first time he was trying to manipulate lie and steer me in the wrong direction from day one as I knew nothing about an insurance claim as time went on it got worse and worse him trying to entice me to do his work get paperwork please reports do everything on this claim to subside me of fraud due to the actions of what I still don't understand the claim was filed January 5th and was denied the end of February but February 19th he deems my car to be total loss which was fine but my understanding was that the insurance agency was taking ownership of the car and was to reimburse me for the price of the car he drugged this out for 2 months while my car set at epic towing acurine charges by the day and as of January 19th my acknowledgment what is the Insurance group took ownership of the car when they deemed at a total loss I have proof of all this I have stacks of papers I have everything to prove this matter he just went on and on as he kept telling me that they are still reviewing coverage whatever that meant as the time went he didn't need me to send him photos of the car which I did and things that I could not recover key fobs that I did not have maintenance papers from oil changes that I just did not have cuz we did it ourselves and shop visits that the car was at when there was none and he kept demanding these things for me which I didn't have I absolutely did not have them I could not get them for him I can go on and on and on about this bad faith claim he put him and his insurance company well-being way above mine and was only worried about him and the insurance company not paying this claim out I just ran through his hoops did what I was supposed to be doing and at the end to find out him denying my claim even with me prosecuting the perpetrator they found in the car I went to Grand jury I stood in front of the grand jury and prosecuted this kid and with all these evidence my insurance agencies still denied my claim leaving me with my car set at epic towing yard with massive amounts of acquired charges that I cannot afford that he promised that he was going to get on the 19th as he deemed my car total loss…this was the only vehicle I had it was my bride and joy it was what I looked forward to I raise my 11-year-old daughter alone and it has been very difficult since January 5th with no transportation and nothing to get from point A to point b if I can get any help any help whatsoever my daughter and I would so very much appreciated I will keep everybody informed on how this goes and I just have nowhere to turn at this point

Organized by

Travis Moschetti

Bend, OR, USA