About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is David Crutcher, I’m 53 years old. I’m hoping to raise money to help with my journey through a rare terminal cancer I’m diagnosed with called Multiple Myeloma. 



on August 6th of 2023 I went to the emergency room in extreme pain in my back, across my back where the kidneys are, and up my spine.


The pain was making me yell, even to get out of bed or to ride in a car was excruciating.

After some scans in about three hours, a doctor came back to the emergency room holding area that I was in and asked me had I ever been diagnosed with any type of cancer of the bone, I told him no, and he said that it looked like a type of cancer called multiple myeloma but also said this is not an official diagnosis, and that they would be keeping me for the night.

Over the period of that first week in the hospital August 6 through the 12th they did multiple scans of my body and a bone marrow biopsy.




Finally came the official diagnosis that it is indeed multiple myeloma, and that I am in stage two of three.

He said it looked like it had been working on me for a while but with no definitive timeframe that they could give me.

I have lesions where the cancer is burrowing into the bone all around my sacrum area, around to both hips, in my pelvic area and even have many lesions on the skull as well.


My wife was in the room with me and of course we are completely devastated with the diagnosis of multiple myeloma especially with it being terminal. Of all the things, I’ve never even smoked a single cigarette in my life lol, I just can’t believe it.

I have a 24 year old daughter, a 34 year old son and my wife and I are raising our 12-year-old grandson.

This Giveahand, if it really works could be the most important thing in my life right now besides just staying alive.


The medicines used to treat multiple myelomaare very expensive. Each time I go to the hospital weekly for chemotherapy they bill my insurance more than $100,000 and I’m responsible for a portion of that.

The money I’m asking for here would help pay and pay off some of my Anthem insurance deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions, premiums and general bills.

Each of the 3 insurances I’ve been on have co-pays and deductibles, prescriptions and other out of pocket fees.

I started out with the insurance through my work last year in August paying for a portion of my medical, well my work finally let me go this year on February 2, 2024 when they found out I would be unable to return to work. So that insurance I had gave out through my work which was Anthem.

I’ve continued on with the cobra Anthem insurance through my work which is insurance number 2 and will be picking up my wife’s insurance March 1, of this year (insurance number 3) she works for the state and her insurance costs less.

I would love to get on Medicaid, but I have to be on Social Security disability for two years before I can get on it and I’ve only been on disability for about a month now and haven’t even received my first check or you have to be a certain age in your 60s to get Medicaid and I am not there yet.

So we are being swallowed up by medical debt and debt in general. Of course me being on Social Security disability I’m only making less than half of what I was making when I was working so all of our other bills are getting behind. We just need to get the wolves off of our backs.

This money will go towards paying off some debts so it won’t be there anymore and paying off what we owe the insurance companies for this year.

So this year would be clear, and we won’t have any more medical debt owed out of our pocket until next year. I receive my first disability check the third week of March so by next year we will be able to keep up.

The money donated will be used for the good of helping out a truly sick person with stage 2 Multiple Myeloma and his family who up until now was a good hard working person contributing to society.

Organized by

Angie Crutcher

Lexington, KY, USA