About this fundraiser

My name is Jon, I live in Hamtramck, Michigan and I'm a single parent to a daughter with special medical and emotional needs. My career work is in education and art, and I've worked for years in the industry until everything came to a screeching halt in 2021 during the first wave of COVID-19. Like hundreds of thousands of other people, my life changed and has never been the same since. In order to be available for my daughter, I had to find work that would allow me to leave within a moment's notice if she needed to go to an appointment or just rest. I found a part-time split between teaching online and in the classroom, but making ends meet became an even greater challenge. I began doing delivery trips for Uber last year and that seemed to be the best fit. Wear and tear on the car was moderate until suddenly last week, the brake and suspension systems failed. The car is in the shop now waiting for repair work I simply cannot afford, nearly $3,000. The repair shop wants to start the repair and wants the loaner back. If I can't find a solution quickly, the car will be repossessed from no payment to the finance company. Without a car, I cannot work and earn a living, pay rent, buy food and take care of my daughter. So, I am reaching out for help from friends, family and acquaintances. If you could see your way to help me, I will be eternally grateful. I know this is a short-term solution, but it's very, very important. Thank you so much for reading and in advance for your help.

Organized by

Jon Allen

Hamtramck, MI, USA