About this fundraiser

Hello everyone,I am fundraising for myself to get back on the road again so I can get to Austin,Texas. My car through a rod so the transmission is dead. Trying to get my storage in Chandler Arizona moved out of state. There are 68 large boxes. Your donation will secure a large truck an a trailer to carry boxes.,buy gas an save on motel bill where I will sleep in the truck.  I need to get on the road as soon as possible so I can get my property in a storage in Austin. I have a place to stay there an got a waiting job once I hit town, sandblasting graffiti off walls.  Your support will mean the world to this old guy an as I did garage door work as a technician for 12 years it would be great to pay it forward. I have always worked but sold my car for $400 to the wrecking yard. It would of been too much to fix an not enough to pay the bill. I would be sincerely grateful for any donation I receive in my endeavor to be independent again.  Thank you.


Organized by

Donald Marmon

Queen Creek, AZ, USA