About this fundraiser

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous Cell Carcinoma in September of 2022. I had surgery to remove ⅔ of my tongue & 96 lymphnodes in my neck on Oct 4, 2022. I then underwent 6 weeks of chemotherapy & radiation until the end of December of that year. 
I owned a petsitting business but had to close it due to my diagnosis, so I was completely unemployed during my treatment. Thankfully, I had friends & family who were able to pay my mortgage, utilities, & take care of my child during that time. But, my vehicle, while payments were covered, became inoperable. The engine seized & stranded my brother who was driving it at the time on the side of the road. We were able to get it towed to my mechanic, but the cost of a new engine was $3000. I still owe the finance company $2000. I still, over almost 2 ½ years later cannot afford to replace the engine. I’m seeking help to pay off the car loan so I can sell it for parts. My mechanic has been AMAZINGLY generous holding it at his shop for this long, but I don’t want to burden him any longer. This is my only option. To put aside my pride, and ask for help from strangers. 

Organized by

Angelica Humphrey

Wilmington, NC, USA