About this fundraiser

My neighbor worked all his life he is a type 2 diabetic had a kidney transplant. Now he is totally home bound in a wheelchair. he can’t get to his bathroom down his hallway. He has bad problems with his knees and can’t walk. He can’t get transportation with out paying a lot of money. Most transportation will not pick him up because he can’t walk and they won’t help him get out of his house. He’s missed his appointments with his dr to get his injections for his knees which he needs to get to help him recover. He needs to have some kind of ramp made so he can get out of house. it’s a sad thing when you work all your life and then no one is willing to help him get through this if anyone would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Even if someone would be willing to build him a ramp would probably help immensely 

Organized by

Patricia Bouziotis

Lacey Township, NJ, USA