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Hi There,

My name is Paula, I am going through a rough patch and could use a helping hand. On October 1st, 2022 I was Taking my morning medication with a sip of coke when I lost consciousness and began convulsing. I came to shortly there after, a bit disoriented  and sore from falling. Thankfully, my niece was visiting and was able to get me to the ER.. The ER performed a CT scanand and EEG. Both were normal. It was decided that I would be admitted to the local hospital, where I spent 4 days having more tests, EEG, EKG, lots of labs and an MRI. All tests looked great and were clear. I was discharged, given a diagnosis of Epilepsy and a $65,000 bill.

 This diagnosis did not sit with me, It would mean that I could not drive for a full year due to having a seizure. I knew with every fiber of my being that I did not have a seizure and it was directly correlated with my drinking the coke. ( I had strange episodes of dizziness and gray outs while a drinking a Coke or hot lattes sporadically. for approx 10 months pror but chalked it up as that's weird.)

 I was scheduled to see a neurologis at the end of June 2023. That was so far away! I prayed and prayed.  I received a call that they had a opening sooner due to a cancellation. I was so grateful to be given an appointment in December 2022.. I prayed and researched and researched some more. I found my own extremely rare diagnosis, printed two case studies and prayed that the neurologist would hear me. To my surprise, the neurologist agreed with my findings, cleared me to drive and referred me to a cardiologist. I saw my cardiologist in January 2023, A Zio Patch was prescribed that I had to wear for 2 weeks. The Zio Patch confirmed what we suspected. I have Deglutition Syncope (Swallow Syncope) It was misdiagnosed at a seizure due to the convulsing and loss of consciousness. (I am one of a handful of people who's heart rate  does not just drop, my heart COMPLETELY  stops during these episodes.) This diorder has changed my life. I can no longer have carbonated beverages, hot soup, hot beverages, foods that can be difficult to swallow or anything very hot. I also can no longer eat or drink anything while operating a Motor Vehicle. The episodes have become more frequent however, I do not always lose consciousness become extremely dizzy and experienc  gray out or black out.  A Pacemaker will give me my life back keeping my heart beating normally and prevent these episodes from happening.

I'm currently out of work waiting on get my pacemaker on Short term Disability (since 4/6)  however my HMO does not cover pacemakers as it is considered a Prosthetic. My short-term disability also has been help up and I am still without a paycheck.

I appreciate any thoughts, prayers and comments and any donation more than you can imagine.

Thank you, 


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Paula Soloniewicz

Dover, NH, USA