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Thank You So Much for your Heart of Giving! I am Deeply Grateful for your desperate help to save my only child! My Son needs to get Brain treatment asap with Dr.  Hyman and Dr. LePine in Boston, MA! Their Functional Medical Treatment Center can save my Son! Sincerely with Love and Prayers, a Desperate Single Mom! Thanks a Million 🥰

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Functional Medicine Initial Consultation

During the in-office initial session with a patient, we cover everything from an extensive health background, to innovative lab testing and a nutrition plan, followed by a wrap up with a nurse. Together, we create a plan.

This is a comprehensive approach to often complex health issues and therefore, the cost to address the root causes can vary for each person. Below you will find an overview of fees associated with your first visit, along with an explanation of the importance of labs and supplements to the process. Our patient care team and providers will work with you to help estimate your individual costs and prioritize fees to fit your budgetary needs.





Dr. Boham, Dr. LePine, Dr. Papanicolaou, Dr. Geyer


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