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Anyone who knows Dan, Carolyn, and Catalina knows they are the friends dreams are made of, the queso to your chips, the honey in your tea, the salt on your margarita.  And if anybody deserves to run a quick errand the morning of Thursday, April 4th without someone speeding through a red light, destroying their car, and leaving them with a broken pelvis, multiple displaced and fractured ribs, acute kidney and lung damage, and a broken L5 Lumbar - ít's Dạn. (And also you - you wouldn't deserve this, either!) Along with the devastating injuries and traumatic experience comes the impossible cost of recovery; money that is simply not there.  Please help my friends focus on the long recovery that will require round the clock care, and take some of the financial pressure off so they can do so. 

Any amount is greatly appreciated and adds up to help an enormous amount!

Thank you Ms Dana for setting up a meal train to cover a couple days a week for the family!  


Organized by

Alej Keigan

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Carolyn McKay Moody