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Hello! My name is Gary kennedy. My wife's name is Judy Kennedy. We live in Goulds, NL. Judy was diagnosed first with diabetes three years ago. Neurophraphy then got to her and spent three months in hospital couldn't walk. A year and a half ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and liver cancer. Needless to say she have not worked since. I have done everything possible to try stay on top financially even working at one job full time and a second job part time. I tried getting a personal loan to catch up on all that I have fallen behind in. Property tax, NL light and power, bell aliant, bell mobility to name a few. I have services that have been cut. On top of all this I was just diagnosed with heart failure two weeks ago. I have been of work waiting for insurance to kick in. I go back to work July 8. I could not get a loan approved anywhere. I have no one to turn to too co-sign a loan with me. I cannot think of any other way than to seek help through go fund me. Any help will go along way to get me back on my feet. I am 73 years old and find myself asking the world for help. I am so sorry that I have to do this. May God bless you all and thank you.

Gary and Judy Kennedy

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Gary Kennedy

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