About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Kennesha. I have Sleep Apnea, gastric related issues for past 15 yrs, and Adult Tongue & Lip Ties that affects my speech. Unfortunately, I work a low wage full time job that overworks me to exhaustion, have pay for rideshare services to get to work & back due exhaustion from extreme work exploitation. No, I don't have a car or reliable transportation so I have pay for rideshare services. I been diagnosed w Sleep Apnea that requires CPAP technology, have to pay $250 upfront to get Endoscopy & Enterscopy procedure, and diagnosed w Adult related Tongue Ties & Lip Ties that affects my speech and speaking ability. I been discriminated over 28 years from people and work place for speech related issues due tongue and lip ties. The CPAP machine range from $750 to $800. The pre requirement to get the Enterscopy and Endoscopy cost $250. The Adult related Tongue Ties release cost $600. My medical insurance does not cover it neither does my exploitative job. If anyone can help me to pay for any of these expenses. It will be greatly appreciate. If I receive any donations. I will make sure I provide receipts to cover any of these expenses. If these medical expenses can be covered. It will greatly impact my life with my health issues, tremendously. If anyone can donate, thank you.

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Kennesha Mills

Dallas, TX, USA