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Our 18-year-old nephew, Davis, has been battling cancer since last December. He was taken to the hospital on Dec 22, 2022, for a persistent “migraine” headache. After a scan, they were told the worst news possible: Davis had a sizable tumor (2 inch mass) on his brain. Thankfully, most of the mass was removed successfully. However, the surgeon opted to leave a small portion, as removing it all would cause paralysis. The pathology report confirmed he had a high grade glioma. After completing 6 weeks of localized radiation and a trial chemo pill, this seemed to keep the mass from getting any bigger and Davis was able to get back to his life of baseball. 

That spring he had a wonderful baseful season. But then at the end of this past August,  Davis started complaining of back pain. After they insisted at the hospital on having an MRI done, he ended up in emergency surgery that very day to remove the largest of a few lesions on his spine. 

Since then, he’s recovered amazingly, BUT new scans on the 18th of this month show these new lesions to be, to quote his surgeon, "very aggressive little shits." 

At this point Gretchen, Tim and Davis feel radiation is only a bandaid. The doctors have already said that his cancer will never go away and that they will just have to try to keep it from coming back. Well, it has come back, rapidly and aggressively growing daily. It is spreading into his spine and in his brain. 

As a family,  they have decided to throw EVERYTHING they have at this cancer and Gretchen and Davis have headed to the Gerson Wellness Center in Sedona, AZ in the hopes of them working their magic to get Davis' body back to a state of healing as opposed to disease. 

As their family, we ask once again for prayers. We are also asking for donations to help cover Davis' treatments and stay at the Gerson Wellness Center for the next 4 weeks. Any amount is truly appreciated. We believe the Lord is using Davis to help spread the message of health that is soooooo desperately needed in this world today. He is an amazing young man with lots of life to live and such a positive spirit! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and prayers.


Organized by

Linda Carr

Columbus, OH, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Timothy Carr