About this fundraiser

A week ago a loving sister (The one in the floppy hat) was informed by a skilled dentist that her brother, William, would soon be left without a smile and without a way to chew due to diabetic complications. For Will, a 24-year-old, this is a life sentence of discomfort, malnutrition, difficulty in social situations, depression, and various other negatives that come with missing teeth at such an early age. The dentist offered to perform multiple dental procedures at a discount to restore Will's smile, but even the discounted price would create a financial burden for years to come. This inspired Will’s sister to create this fundraiser to help restore Will's dental health, confidence, and well-being for the rest of his life. If you wish to help Will, know you will also be helping all the people that know and love him, and hope to see him smile again someday soon!

Organized by

Megan Davis

Issaquah, WA, USA