Latest update as of Feb 26, 2023

  • Cord blood treatment

    I lowered our goal to $1,200 a few weeks ago. We have received $540 in donations so far! 🙏 This money will be going towards banking our 2nd childs cord blood so we can proceed with getting Camila enrolled into a cord blood treatment to hopefully help her in some areas. We are praying it will help give her a better chance at life as she is still very delayed due to her injury at birth. This treatment has been around for a little while now and has been proven to help other children like Camila. We greatly appreciate everyone who has donated and prayed for her!

About this fundraiser

Bryam and I are staring this fundraiser for our daughter,  Camila’s medical expenses. We have endured a very hard year and have not put her medical history out in public up until now so please bare with us.

Camila was born on February 26, 2022 here in FL. At birth Camila had many complications and went straight to NICU. Two days after birth she began having seizures and was transferred to another hospital that was better equipped for her. She had to be put on 2 different medications and put into a medically induced coma when she arrived there. After waking up she did start to slowly improve in some areas one by one. While there she had a couple EEGs and an MRI that showed she had significant damage to her brain from a loss of oxygen at birth. She was later diagnosed with Severe Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), microcephaly, infantile cerebral palsy, abnormal muscle tone,  CVI (she is blind and can only see some light due to her brain damage), status epilepticus, muscle hypertonia, pressure injury stage 3, slow weight gain, acquired positional plagiocephaly, global developmental delay, feeding difficulties and muscle spasticity. Due to all of that, Camila is unfortunately delayed quite a bit. Bryam and I are finally reaching out to ask for help after such a long and hard year. Her insurance here in Florida is pretty terrible and difficult to get good doctors that are best suited for her. We have had so much trouble getting them to approve medication and therapy she needs. On top of all that, Bryam and I are expecting another baby here in June 2023. Since we are pregnant again we have decided to enroll Camila in cord blood treatment to hopefully help her in some areas she is struggling. However, we need help with the cost of storing her sibling’s cord blood for her treatment. That being said, we are setting a goal of $5,000 to cover cord blood banking, medical expenses and gas due to driving to her many appointments. We greatly appreciate any and all help. If you can’t give we would absolutely love your prayers. Thank you!

Organized by

Michelle Ruiz

Jacksonville, FL, USA