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my husband Recently had a motorcycle accident and broke his leg in two places tore every ligament in his knee killed all muscles in his leg and paralyzed his foot due to compartment syndrome and they also had to cut his leg from ankle to thigh to relieve pressure or his leg was going to be amputated theres still a chance of amputation will find out more at next appointment and update thats july 1st hes going to be down for at least six months  penalt probably longer we hate asking for help and always try to help everyone we can but me and him work together for ourselves we do hand y many work carpentry work etc so with him being out we will no longer be able to work or have any income at all and ky doesn’t have a short term disability program except thru employers we are not asking for much just enough to get by for the next 6 months thank you for reading this have a blessed day

Organized by

John Touchstone

Georgetown, KY, USA