About this fundraiser

Baby Ethan has Just 79 days for an urgent heart transplant. Sadly We Do not Have the Funds Required for this Proceedure and this is the average waiting time for a child on the urgent heart list, and is two and a half times longer than an urgent adult heart patient will wait on average. 

We don’t know how we could even begin to put into words the emotions and thoughts that go through our minds. Day 79/ 11 weeks/1,896 hours, whichever way you put it is too long for something that can be made so simple. We hope our Childs Condition Torches Your Heart to Help Us.

“Having spoken to many people about Ethan, they think that he is just a number on the list and will be next. They think it will happen at any time or it is booked in. In answer to those types of questions I explain to them it is not as simple as that. It is based on weight, it is based on blood group but most importantly it all comes down to agreeing to donate so that someone else can live on.

Ethan is so much sicker than Adults with same Condition are and so that makes this so much harder because although we have been told it’s up to a year’s wait, we don’t know if we have that for Ethan. The heart comes with its own complications albeit it is what is keeping him alive. We therefore urge families, friends to Help Us Spread the News So our Little Boy can Live. No one ever wants to talk about death or dying but what would you do. You’d do everything you can to help your family, your friends, your children to live and that’s all we can do. And That is All we Ask From you, Your Help So our Child Can Live.


Organized by

Combertino Espinoza

Los Angeles, CA, USA