About this fundraiser

My name is Justin Fahnestock, I'm 36 years old and love life as knew it and now know it. I'll keep this as short as possible because I don't want to bore the life out of you, but I was shot in the back  on March 7th 2024 im now paralyzed from the  waist down and to be honest don't know how to go about getting justice…… but what I do know is God has control of the situation and it is out of my hands, but all the while God needs some help helping me pay for an attorney and try to get this guy for attempted murder. As of now his charges are. Count 1 Aggravated Robbery resulting in serious bodily injury. Count 2 Aggravated battery resulting in serious bodily injury. And Count 3 felon in possession of a handgun. Things. Just don't add up to me on why he is not being charged with murder? This guy put a 9 mm pistol to my back and pulled the trigger. I don't know about you but that is attempted murder.  I may not be dead but he took my life from me as I knew it. 

  If I'm able to get the funds up to get justice; the funds will be used for court costs, attorney fees, and some medical bills. I want to thank all of you that has read all the way through this improperly punctuated, and poorly put together piece of an attempt to get justice and try to get some piece of mind. Thank you for everything you do for all of the others may God guide you to your destination in life and watch over us all as we come in to a new day or finish one out. God Bless You and have a great journey throughout your day.

                                                                                                                  Sincerely yours,                         

                                                                                                                                          Justin Daniel Fahnestock

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Justin Fahnestock

Anderson, IN, USA