About this fundraiser

My daughter Kiana was born on 11/25/22 and had to immediately go into NICU here at UK HOSPITAL in Lexington KY bc she has to be treated by IV Antibiotics for 2 weeks. I myself was a patient here for my c-section but have been discharged since Monday the 28th of November and being that I live over an hour away and being a brand new first time mother I want/need to stay at her bed side as much as possible. So to make that happen I basically have to stay here in Lexington until she is released bc the travel back and forth each day from home (Maysville,KY) is too much for me especially since I do not have a vehicle. 

I am a single mother, she is my first child and all this is harder than I would have ever imagined and I am at a loss at where to turn for any type of immediate help. Her stay and treatment are covered by her Medicaid of course, but I am honestly the one needing a helping hand so I can be here with her every step of the way until she is released and we can go home together. I'm not asking or expecting a lot, I wasn't even sure what dollar amount to put on this fund raiser but anything would be appreciated. I would be using the money for food, some warmer clothes and possibly anything else to go towards my bills that are still occurring at home as I was not expecting to be here so long and already have been out of work the last couple months due to my pregnancy and the issues surrounding it before I gave birth. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your consideration on helping me so I can continue to be here for her and help her. Any help is appreciated but nothing is expected. If a simple prayer is all you can extend to my daughter and I well hey I'll take it and thank you!! 

Have a blessed day and thank you again for considering being our hero :)

Organized by

Amanda Smith

Lexington, KY, USA