About this fundraiser

Hi, I would like to set up funding for my friends dog Katie she’s had Katie for 16 years and Katie means everything to her. Katie suffers from congestive heart failure and has always been maintained having wonderful care until Hurricane Ian. . But my friend like myself live in Fort Myers Florida where hurricane Ian hit. Unfortunately, for my friend she lost most of her business which is making it hard for her to help Katie. This past Sunday, Katie collapsed and was rushed to the heart hospital in Bonita Springs where she remained for three days in an oxygen tent. Apparently she tore a cord in the artery of her heart and survived. It was devastating for my friend because she didn’t know if she would have to say goodbye to Katie while looking at her inside the oxygen tent. Luckily, the doctors were wonderful and Katie was able to come home on the fourth day. She is now on bedrest for 14 days. My friend needs help paying the hospital Bill and the ongoing treatment of echocardiogram and medication changes.

Organized by

Elaine Cutali

Fort Myers, FL, USA