About this fundraiser

FIRSTLY I'll start by stating that I realize that a $70000 goal is erring on absurd. 
I don't have a whole lot of hope that I'd actually be able to make this goal, but  please hear me out, it's a bit of a speil

My coworker is 34, married, but with no kids.
We work together slugging siding and exterior construction products in a warehouse, picking orders and driving forklift. Just him and myself, apart from sales and admins in the office. Some of the heaviest items that we're expected to handle are approximately 100lbs., and on our more busier days we may be moving around 50-60 boxes of siding that weigh this much. That's not including the few dozen other sizes and weights which, of note, range from 60-80lbs. 
I am physically fit and have no limiting conditions that make this work arduous. For my coworker/friend though, it borders on agonizing. 
Why is he doing this work if he's dealing with painful conditions? I wish I had a short answer. 
He has a condition where his bottom vertibrae are slowly fusing together, and has the likely outcome of paralyzing him waste down in the next 10 years. He's limited in what he can do for work. Right now his condition hasnt progressed far enough that it's impossible for him to perform his work tasks. He's prone to migrains when the work is too busy, especially when the weather gets too warm. There's more on his plate that are eroding at the man's mental wellbeing. He has the smarts to go to school and earn more, but the guy is headed for, if not already close to financial dire straits. His wife has been having employment troubles, and as of writing this out did I learn she broke her ankle the night before (March 14th) and she's inbetween jobs. She had an accident a couple years ago where she suffered a concuscion, affecting her mental and intellectual alacrity. Not only is he and his wife struggling with bills because of crippling debt accrued from his wedding and other things, but because of previous amd current conditions, the guy can't even get a vehicle because of insane insurance rates that'd be required of him due to medical diagnoses that have made him a liability in the eyes of insurers. He'd have to brunt a $1000 insurance premium for a whole year to more or less prove his condition is no longer a liability (not talking about his spine fusing).

There are maybe a couple more reasons as to why I'm posting a $70000 goal for this guy. Upon hearing that his wife broke her ankle and hobbled their ability to make ends meet is what spurred me to look at this platform as a possible way to try and help my friend; this is a bit of me attempting this out of reaction. Oh, and no joke, days before his wife's ankle breaks he finds out both of his cats are in need of serious vet attention; one might even have to go without care, resulting in passing away.
I'm doing this without his knowledge - I'm sure some of you potential donors, too, would like to know more information before handing anything out and I'll be happy to find out more and provide any info if it would serve to persuade anyone to help my friend. There is more info worth sharing but the details escape me as of this moment as I type this out, so I will be adding more as soonas I can. I'll need to probe my friend a little more.

I hate seeing anyone miserable, and it's getting really hard to watch my coworker wear himself away under the growing weight of his worries and exhaustion. Honestly the guy is already a bit hard nosed and stubborn. He can be quick to lose patience sometimes and could maybe get used to trying a bit of optimism. I'm not sure about the volume of which his troubles are self inflicted but I know a fair handful have been out of his control.
He'd likely hate me if he knew I was putting my hand out to the world asking for this and he's certainly not someone who'd ask for handouts... but I really don't want to watch him reach his breaking point.

In summary, or TLDR;

- Crippling Spine Condition that limit work options
- Wife in between work with broken ankle
- Unviable auto insurance costs that prevent owning vehicle and limiting job opportunities.
- Vet bills
- mountain of debt from life expenses and wife's student loans (hence the 70G)

$70G is a lot to expect - this would wipe their debt
I just wanna give the guy some relief, maybe even some hope. 
Can't leave the guy hanging.

Please, anything, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading this

Organized by

Adrian Scott

London, ON, Canada