Latest update as of May 20, 2024

  • Prayers for Talia

    We’re joining together at our house in
    Westfield at 7:30 pm Monday and Thursday evenings this week to pray in honor of Talia.

    Please join us if you’re able.
    Contact our email if you are interested but not sure where to go : [email protected]

About this fundraiser

Thank you all for your incredible support. Throughout Talia's courageous fight, your encouragement gave her tremendous strength. It's a testament to her spirit that she remained active, attending treatments and battling her cancer for so long.

Unfortunately, due to the aggressive nature of her brain cancer, Talia experienced another recurrence. After a recent seizure, doctors informed the family that she might not regain consciousness. Thankfully, Talia has shown her remarkable strength once more, awakening and beginning to eat. Talia is now in recovery at an intense rehabilitation center to enable her independence to eat, walk, and speak again. 
This precious time has given her family a chance to make difficult plans. 

This fundraiser's main aim is to bring Talia to Israel and prepare a burial plot in Jerusalem. This will allow her to be close to family and honor her deep connection to God. Additionally the funds would go towards cost of transportation, hospitals fees and anything else necessary to make Talia as comfortable and happy as possible. 

Organized by

Daniel Malinsky

Westfield, NJ, USA