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  • $800 per Visit Minimum

    After I received the bill for my first visit, I called the office and asked if I could expect all teh visits to be that price and was told yes. Well I finally received the explanation of benefits for my second visit, and my bill for this one will be $1185. Yikes. So apparently the person I spoke to was wrong. This bill will be for e when I got the anatomy scan, so hopefully that's the only on that is that high.

    $800 per Visit Minimum

About this fundraiser

In May of 2022, I decided to become a Mom via IUI (intra-uterine insemination) using a donor. I am a planner, so I budgeted my pregnancy well before embarking on the journey. Much to my surprise, I got pregnant with twins on the first attempt! Having multiples, combined with my age makes me"high-risk". This means in addition to my regular OB appointements I have to also go to a perinatal high-risk center for additonal scans. I have just had my second scan (first for this year) and the doctor has asked me to come in once a month for the remainder of my pregnancy, for a total of 4 visits, unless problems arise that result in me needing to go even more. My insurance covers a large portion of this, but even so, the scans are so expensive that my out of pocket cost is just over $800 per visit. I have paid $100 towards my first vist from last year so far. Once I hit my deductibe, they will be 100% covered, but my deductible is pretty high. Any support with this unexpected additional cost will help me be able to keep up with the extra scans my babies need!

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