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  • Hello ,looking to get assistance with funding for items my husband will need in the future ,funding for rides to dr appointments, medical equipment to use at home,items to limit his need for assistance while I'm at work,and God forbid further surgery. He entered hospital care the end of January needing half of one foot and toes on the other amputated ,went to get stitches out and the tissue failed to heal.Dr had to then go in and amputate both legs mid calf,first visit to hospital he had the tip of his prominent hand removed, and just had to have the whole finger removed. He is in awful pain,he will soon be sent to odessa nursing home for rehabilitation for a few weeks.We weren't expecting two blocks from our home because they wouldn't transport him to dyalisis 3 times a week.Which he has been doing dyalisis at home for almost 2 years .Nursing homes don't do peritoneal dialysis, so he had to get a port for hemo dyalisis. So we are looking forward to having him home and out of the hospital, it's been 2 months. With this ,I won't be able to lift him,put him in the car ect.So equipment, gas ect is needed.Thank you

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Rebecca Barbee

Crane, TX, USA