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  • Many Thanks for Your Donations and Prayers!

    I just want to thank EVERYONE on behalf of my sister, Heather, and her family, who have been so overwhelmed by everyone's financial, spiritual, and emotional support! It helps to know that she has so many people behind her! I know it blesses me beyond measure to see how generous friends, family, and strangers have been and how they have embraced Heather during this difficult journey!

    Thanks again! - Kristen

About this fundraiser

My Sister is fighting quiet battle and we ask if everyone would Pray, Give,  Share, and Follow this fundraiser for more ways to help!

Please Read this letter of support by our Aunt Nancy:

“You have Multiple Myeloma, or cancer of the blood in your bone marrow. While it’s not curable, it can be managed.“ – These are the words my niece, Heather, heard, sitting in the doctors office with her husband and teenage son, who began to cry when he heard the news. Heather was only 38 yrs old. It has been 10 years since that day and thankfully, Heather has survived and continues to fight for her health and her life.

Heather has children, step children, grandchildren and step grandchildren. She has loved and nurtured all of them since she was a young mother. She has never complained about her illness. Rather, when she has the energy she is bright and optimistic, and bringing joy to those around her. Heather is 47 now and for the past 10 years has worked as best she can, depending on her energy and how many migraines she has in a given month. She has done housecleaning and childcare, even Doordash. She often gives money to friends and family who need it and is always there to support others.

Multiple Myeloma Is a disease of elderly people - very rare to show up in someone in their 30s. It has a smoldering stage, during which not a lot of treatment is done; then has flare-ups during which Heather needs chemotherapy. This has happened three times in the past 10 years. Weeks ago, while undergoing the latest round of chemo, Heather experienced complications and ended up hospitalized for several days.  Her cancer is at a critical stage. She will undergo a stem cell transplant at the end of chemo treatment, if it is successful.

Although Heather has insurance, it does not cover all her medical bills. She has had to travel to seek treatment and see specialists to cope with her rare condition. She owes $30,000 in past bills. Her family is humbly asking for contributions to help with past and future costs of fighting Heather's Multiple Myeloma, and is grateful for any support you can give. Heather is only 47 and we all want her to enjoy a longer life, and continue to give love and support to all of her family and friends. By contributing to her fund, you’re enabling her to pay it forward. Thank you!

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Roseburg, OR, USA

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