About this fundraiser

In October of last year my parents and I lost a huge part of our family when my brother Nick passed away. He was only 40 years old with so much life left to live! Nicks death was tragic and should have been avoided! The incompetence of the hospital staff during the last month of his life was unacceptable and should never happen to another person. EVER! My parents and I are trying to pursue legal action against the hospital that he was last treated at. I've been back and forth with attorneys for months trying to find one who will take our case without a retainer and the fact is, for us to get an attorney that is good enough, strong enough and willing to put in the time necessary to take on a big hospital, it is going to cost us money that we just don't have. My brother's case is long and complex. For example the medical records for just his last month in the hospital were 1400 pages long. And here is one example of my brother's mistreatment just his last few weeks in the hospital. One night about two weeks before he passed he tried to get out of bed to go to the restroom. (Mind you, he was supposed to be being watched at all times because of his risk of falling.) He fell and split his head open on the hard floor. This happened just after midnight. The following day my Dad and I went to see him to watch a football game. We arrived at the hospital around 1pm the next afternoon. Shortly after we arrived a doctor whom we had never even met was finally coming in to put stitches in his head. This was over 13 hours after he had fallen. He had a large bloodstain on his pillow, fresh bruises on his body and he didn't even know what teams were playing on T.V. And if you know anything about my brother you would know that he knows everything about the Browns and the Buckeyes down to head coaches shoe size for crying out loud. From that day forward he was never the same. Also we didn't find out until weeks after he passed when the hospital finally sent us his records that after his fall he wasn't even given a CAT scan nor did he receive any kind of head injury protocol. We also discovered that he had fallen 3 other times during that stay that we were never informed about! This is just one example of incompetence by the hospital staff pertaining to my brother. Still finding an attorney that will pursue this case properly is going to cost money plain and simple. And my parents and I just can't afford it and it is very frustrating. I've spent hours researching and talking on the phone with law offices to no avail. I'm not going to hire some fly by night ambulance chasing lawyer who is just looking for a quick payday. If we are going to do this, we are going to hire a well respected and proven law firm that will give this case the attention it deserves. And in order to do that we are going to need some help. We have been to proud to ask for help. But I am to the point were I don't care about pride, I just want to hire the best attorney possible for my brother and get him the justice he deserves! My brother was an amazing individual with a heart as big as a house and I know he would try to move heaven and earth to do the same for me if the situation was flipped! So this is a call for help. Any donation will be greatly appreciated whether it is one dollar or one hundred dollars! Every little bit will help and will go directly to hiring the right law firm to fight for Nick! My family and I thank you in advance for any donation you can provide! Thank you and God Bless!

Organized by

Jeffrey Price

Surprise, AZ, USA