About this fundraiser

Hi, my names Matt. In a nutshell, I lost my job back in January and have fallen behind in rent and am being evicted unless I come up with the back rent. I already have the court papers so it's official unless I can come up with it. I have been looking for work, but without a car, it's proving difficult to find a job that will pay the bills. I had a job interview today(April 4th), but I dont know if I got it yet, but unfortunately even if I do, it won't prevent my eviction which I have to be out on Sunday( April 7th). I cant afford to lose my place not just because rent is reasonable compared to most apartments these days, but because I need a place to get visitation with my son. Currently he is here on spring break. I have run out if options and hate even having to go this route, but at this point I'm desperate.  ANY help would be a blessing and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and God bless :)

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Matthew Serdynski

Holland, MI, USA