About this fundraiser

Hello my name is Michael and i am doing this fundraiser for my dearest forever best friend Teresa (Tia). She is hands down the most loving caring compassionate funny honest hard working Mother of 4 & Grandmother of 6 whom was diagnosed with early stages of Dementia after suffering a few strokes from 2022-2024. Everyday is a struggle for her just to remember to call her children or to remember what she was getting from the store. Please help Teresa  (Tia) in her fight against this Thief of Life called Dementia. Please help her to be able to keep her home, put food on her table & other daily needs & to put a smile back on her beautiful face. because someday sooner then we think she won't remember who she is or how to smile. Please let her know how many caring people are left in this world & walk with her in this Neverending battle with Dementia.

Thank you to everyone that donates to this Beautiful amazing woman. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of help then Teresa.





Organized by

Teresa McCormick

Sarasota, FL, USA