Latest update as of May 19, 2023

  • What we know right now

    James Nored has several bacteria infections attacking his system. This is complicating the pyoderma gangrenosum in his leg. They wanted to transfer to Birmingham Wednesday night, but UAB does not have a room available. Birmingham doctor is consulting in his care along with several other specialist here. Basically, until these infections get under control with antibiotics that he can take at home, he will be in the hospital. They said at least through the weekend.

    I am out of work until he can get home. Anything raised will go to his medical expenses.

About this fundraiser

James was diagnosed on 2012 with Pyoderma Gangrenosum.  This is a rare disorder that causes large, painful sores on his leg. Over the years he has been hospitalized several times from complications with it. He is currently in the hospital battling several infections that are complicating his condition. 

I will update daily on his condition.

Any help you would like to give for his medical cost during this stay would be greatly appreciated.  

Organized by

Tanya Nored

Montgomery, AL, USA