About this fundraiser

I’m fundraising because the cost of cancer treatments are just dizzying and I can’t work while doing treatments.  The funds will be used to help me afford my daily supplements, and biweekly treatments to help shrink my tumor so that I can get surgery and then continue with immunotherapies.  Unfortunately most of the therapies I’m using aren’t covered by insurance so it’s all out of pocket, including the appointments to get diagnosed.   

I would be most grateful for any help in achieving this goal so that I may continue to seek out the treatments that work best for me and help me heal.  I believe we are all on this planet to help those around us whenever we can, and I’ve always tried to be generous to those in need, so I’m hoping karmically that generosity comes back around in my time of need.  And that time is now. Thank you for anything and everything.  

Organized by

Janeen Hulbert

Asheville, NC, USA