About this fundraiser

I’m writing this in hopes to bring some relief for medical bills for Jeff and also bring some relief for my cousin Justine.

On January 10th Jeff had his pacemaker changed but shortly after he started experiencing some complications from surgery and the site became infected. He also developed a blood clot in the area, and was hospitalized again.

On February 3rd he had another surgery to remove the infection and pacemaker since it was no longer viable, a temporary pacemaker was placed in his neck until he could have another surgery in just a few days.

February 10th he had a new pacemaker placed again and was discharged shortly after to hopefully be fully on the road to recovery.

February 28th he was hospitalized again, due to swelling at the incision site which made it open back up, he had to have yet another surgery to have the fluid drained and is currently in the hospital unsure when he’ll be able to be discharged again.

Jeff was born with aortic stenosis and has had surgeries since just 3 months old,

Despite all his health concerns he still works hard full time as a manger. But this recent health crisis has put everything in jeopardy, he has been out of work for awhile due to surgeries and complications from surgery, anything would help and my hopes for this is to attempt to ease some financial burden due to medical bills piling up

Organized by

Jeffery Pendleton

Orting, WA, USA