About this fundraiser

Hi everyone! I wanted to share an update on my Mema. For anyone who doesn’t know already, mema has been battling cancer since March of 2022. She was diagnosed with lung cancer where tumors were found both in her lungs and brain. The tumors in her brain ultimately improved from chemotherapy and Mema was coming back to herself despite the many struggles she has endured. Mema’s original MRI/CT follow up was supposed to be this week but we unfortunately have faced some difficulties.

On Friday, October 14th, mema had to goto the ER due to suffering a migraine for 48 hours. They sent her home with fluids and medication, which seemed to help for a short period, but not enough. We ended up having to call EMS to come back and they took her back in. Mema’s sodium dropped tremendously and she wasn’t responding to us like our sweet Mema usually does. The healthcare team at St. Mary’s performed some labs and scans and concluded that the tumors in her brain have grown aggressively; measuring in 9mm and 8mm.

Mema has since been being monitored and has been semi-responsive to the team and family. Although we don’t have a definitive next step, we pray and hope mema will come back to us fully and we can beat this cancer.

Before Mema was diagnosed with cancer we were planning a trip to Captiva island; Mema’s dream vacation. Following the diagnosis, we weren’t able to take her. I want to somehow someway raise money so we’re able to do this for her. I KNOW miracles can happen; I just pray it happens with Mema and she is able to recover enough to enjoy this last trip. If you can’t donate to her medical bills or this miracle of a trip that I pray we’re somehow able to take her on, please just share this. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who has been supportive and kind to my Mema and our family during this hard time. 

Organized by

Katelynn Smith

Sun Prairie, WI, USA