About this fundraiser

As many of you know some don't I am a single mom of three. In August of last year I helped with a house renovation and days later began getting sick. It started with horrible headaches since has progressed into several things. Just yesterday I was delusional and eventually unresponsive. I was transported by ambulance to be told yet again I am fine.  I have taken as many steps as I can including having my eyes checked my house checked. Played their game of see this doc see this doc but refuse to have me see appropriate doctors like infectious disease. I have been told I am wasting their time, I've been fat shamed after gaining 30 plus pounds in 6 weeks. I found a doctor that is out of state that will do telehealth and send all bloodwork requests locally. Unfortunately it is still expensive.  I was once an ambitious, go go go, active business owner who now is forced to file bankruptcy. So I am asking for help Amy little bit will be so appreciated. I need to get better I need to be heard and taken serious my kids need their mom back. 

Organized by

Miranda Peterson

Laurel, MT, USA