About this fundraiser

John was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer this week. While this is horrific news for John the cancer is localized so hopefully with a treatment plan of surgery, radiation & chemo John will be feeling much better in no time! However in the meantime John will definitely be missing quite a bit of work and is obviously quite nervous about keeping up with his bills so that he has a place to live and all the necessities. I really don’t know how much he will need so I set the goal a little high just in case things pop up. There could even be some unforeseen medical expenses. If John’s friends and family could be so kind as to make a donation that would be great. Any amount helps. If you can’t then please share ❤️

9/27 - Just wanted to do an update to say that John started chemo Tuesday night. It’s his first session. He will do the remainder as an outpatient which he is obviously happy about ❤️ He’s so grateful for the donations he has received so far! Thank you to everyone who has donated in the last few days & if you are unable to donate that’s ok but please share.

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Julia Callahan

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA