About this fundraiser

My son Jonah passed away suddenly on December 27, 2023 due to complications from his disease and Influenza A. Jonah had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; he was 23, just 16 days shy of his 24th birthday.  Jonah's mother passed away in 2007 in a car accident.  I met his dad and his sister when he was nine years old and we have been a family ever since.  His little brother was born in 2012. Jonah was in a wheelchair since he was 10 and I have been his caregiver for 13 years.  

Last year due to physical illness I was unable to care for him and his father became his full time caregiver. In September I was once again able to care for him.  His. brother and sister did many things for him and spent a lot of time with him and are missing him.  He loved going on walks/strolls throughout the neighborhood and in town, movies, video games, chess and anime.  The house is so quiet without him.  

Since we were both Jonah's paid caregivers, we both lost our jobs and funeral expenses are terribly high.  We are hoping to use any money we get to go towards paying back the funeral expenses. Thank you for your thoughts and support. 



Organized by

Shawnmarie Fitzgerald

Becker, MN, USA