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Hello my name is Jordan im reaching out to you all and taking a chance as kind of a last resort option.

I'm currently struggling to save up the funds required in the amount of time needed for pay for dentures...im absolutely at wits end virtually unable to eat, constant pain,constant infections the worst being recently as it made its way into my bloodstream requiring 3 days on intravenous antibiotics

There has been absolutely no drug use or anything along those lines that has lead to my current condition rest assured.

Currently i have 2 estimates which can be provided as proof if required for dentures as it is the lesser and quicker option versus full on implants , both beiing in the 10 12k range.

Really going out on a limb trying this i just can't live like this anymore.

Thank you infinitely for any help that can be provided!

Good karma :)

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Jordan Glenen

Longueuil, QC, Canada