About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Cairo and I was diagnosed with severe autism. I was born on January 10th,2020, right in the middle  of a world global pandemic that claimed millions of lives across the globe. I was fortunate to come into  this world in a loving and caring family that supported and kept me safe from harm's way. I was a perfectly normal  baby when I was growing up at around 1 years old my mother and caregiver started to notice that I wasn't  responding to my name when being called out, make any sort of eye contact nor was I articulated any words. My mother thought that I was a late bloomer, but the more I got older,  the signs were becoming more definitive. I continued to walk on the tips of my toes, I do not communicate  or play with any of my sibling. I have a hard time sleeping  at night, I keep very one in my family  up at night I also started to consume my own feces.  I engage stimming to calm my nerves when I feel overwhelmed with the environment. I am non-verbal I only say I few words such as: mamma and dadda. I do not know how to communicate what I want. I just take  what I want. I have tantrum every single day I am  very hyperactive and I cannot stay still for more than a minute. My mother created this page in hopes that I  get all the  support I need to carry on a normal life and with your help that might be possible.


Thank You


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Shanae H

Brampton, ON, Canada