Latest update as of Sep 15, 2023

  • See you tomorrow?

    If you're local to Hamilton and looking for something to do tomorrow, then come see the boys and I - we are participating in a Community Garage Sale sponsored by Bright Realty Team.

    100% of the sale proceeds generated by our home's yard sale will be donated to the fundraisers for Owen and Oliver. Here's Oliver's fundraiser:

    Can't afford to buy anything? No worries, I'd still appreciate help with:

    - setting up (we start at 8.00am)
    - manning the table so I can take bio breaks
    - tearing down (we finish at 1.00pm)
    - Got a vehicle? If you're willing to take items that don't sell to Value Village or to the Community Recycling Centre Reuse Store, let me know.

    Can't make it tomorrow? You can still help me spread the word about the yard sale and our fundraisers. Every share helps.

    See you tomorrow?

About this fundraiser

Hello, I'm Deanne and I'm lucky enough to be the mother of two wonderful twin teens - Oliver and Owen:


First day using their Presto cards!


I almost can't believe that in 6 months time, it will be their 18th birthday. And I still can't get over how amazing my wonderful teens are. Born 11 weeks premature they spent 9 weeks in the NICU before coming home. They needed Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy before they could successfully hold their heads up, sit, crawl, and walk. Their autism diagnosis was a huge blessing as it helped explain the enormous challenges they continued to face with communication, sensory processing, as well as sensory and emotional regulation. Then a couple of years ago, the seizures started. Their epilepsy diagnoses were most definitely NOT a huge blessing.

But despite everything they've gone through and continue to manage, they are two of the sweetest kids I could wish for. Kind, empathetic, funny... and as their mother, it's incredibly important to me that they have the chance to age in place. I want their home to be a safe, accessible, sustainable place, that they know is always here for them. The idea that they would be forced into assisted living or institutionalized long term care, frankly gives me nightmares.

Owen on the RBG Holiday Express - he loves all forms of transport but especially TRAINS!

Our most pressing need right now is for bathroom modifications.

I have applied for both government and charitable grants to help fund the lion's share of the cost of modifying our bathroom into a safe, barrier free space that can be used by Owen. Unfortunately, even if we are awarded the maximum grants, these won't cover the entire cost of this project.

I have consulted with an Occupational Therapist, who has assessed Owen's needs and has written in support of the following bathroom modifications:

  • increasing the size of the bathroom footprint
  • installing a bathtub (currently there is only a corner shower)
  • installing a bidet-style toilet
  • installing non-slip flooring and grab bars

Owen’s developmental disabilities impede both his fine and gross motor skills. He has coordination difficulties and muscle weakness which limit his ability to bathe himself, wash his hair, and perform personal hygiene tasks. His epilepsy means a family member or attendant must be present when he is bathing. Owen is sensory-aversive and avoidant of showers due to his tactile and auditory sensitivities.

Having a safer, larger bathroom space will ensure that Owen can bathe daily and work on improving the skills he needs to independently complete personal hygiene and grooming in a relaxed, comfortable, stress-free environment.

Helping Owen safely acquire personal hygiene independence and grooming skills will also ensure that he can remain in his own home as he ages, hopefully eliminating the need for assisted living in another setting.

Please click here if you'd like to read more about how you can help us meet our fundraising goals, and thank you so much for helping Owen.

P.S. If you've never met Owen in person, here's a taste of how much joy he is to be around:


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